A story about letting go and exploring with the heart

Wandering, the series, was a story developed for Chelsea Tuach setting free once outside of contest timeframes. Letting herself immerse herself in culture, location and waves that made her feel alive.

The typopraphics for the series were

designed with a strong feminine feel and showcased tropical flowers found in both locations highlighted in the series.

Project Story

WANDERING - Adjective: “move slowly away from a fixed point or place.”


We move, travel, see and dispose of our surroundings. Modern day life can forget the joy of living in our present, moving to the beat of a culture we find and a place we learn to adore.

In this three part series I step away from my daily life competing and traveling WQS events (in marginal waves) to get back to the soul of why we surf and travel... To feel alive and find what we will never forget.

Surfer: Chelsea Tuach
Directed by: Chelsea Tuach & Thomas Edgar
Art Direction and Design by: Thomas Edgar

Art Direction, Video Direction + Graphic Design.

Episode Two: Wandering El Salvador

Episode One: Wandering Indonesia